Able Sail NL: Sailing Program (Physical Activity, Injury prevention)

Able Sail NL offers a sailing program with the mandate to make sailing accessible to people with disabilities. Partnering with the Royal St. John’s Regatta group, the two organizations benefit through the sharing of facilities and equipment. Funds will be used to make needed repairs to sailboats to maintain safety levels of participants.


Bishop Abraham Elementary: Outdoor Classroom (Healthy Environments, Mental Health Promotion)

The purpose of this project is to provide children with the opportunity for discovery, experimentation, and learning beyond the four walls of the classroom in an environment that is inviting, calming, and natural. It includes areas for learning, socialization, and play. Primary partner is Airo Landscapes who is providing in-kind consultation in the design and planning of the project. Grant funds will be used for soil, lumber, trees, and shrubs.


Cowan Heights Elementary: Wellness Library on Wheels (Health and Literacy, Child and Youth Development)

Partnering with NL Public Libraries (NLPL), Cowan Heights Elementary will engage with forty-five plus children who are unable to participate in the Kinderstart program due to its cancellation because of the pandemic. The project will include a virtual info session about the program, how to obtain/use NLPL card, reading tips, and provide contactless baggie books for children on a variety of wellness topics. Other partners include the NLESD Safe and Inclusive Itinerants and the School Health Promotion Liaison Consultant. Funds will go toward books and baggies.


Flatrock 50 Plus Fund Group: Bowling for Seniors (Physical Activity)

This project offered in partnership between the Flatrock 50 Plus Fun group and the Flatrock Recreation Commission will engage approximately 20 seniors in a biweekly bowling program. Grant funds will go towards offsetting bowling costs to make the program more economically accessible.


MacDonald Drive Junior High: Outdoor Classroom Phase 2 (Healthy Environments, Mental Health Promotion)

The goal of this project is to beautify and make the new outdoor classroom space more inviting by adding natural elements. Working with MUN Botanical Garden and Friends of the Garden, the school will identify plants and shrubs native to Newfoundland. The partners will also provide guidance and assistance with proper planting methods. The grant will be used to purchase trees, shrubs, and perennials.


Mobile Central High: Mindful Monarch Gardeners (Healthy Eating, Healthy Environments, Physical Activity, Mental Health Promotion)

This focus of this project is to build a school vegetable garden. Food will be grown with the purpose of supporting the school’s breakfast program. Students will engage in food preparation in a healthy manner, learning about the importance of food sustainability and nutrition. The project will bring together several student groups such as skilled trades (building vegetable beds), special services and neighbouring elementary students (planting). As a partner, Smiling Land Farms will help plan the garden and provide expertise. Funds will be used to purchase soil, lumber, watering hoses, tools, and seeds.


Schizophrenia Society NL: Wellness in Nature (Physical Activity, Mental Health Promotion)

Partnering with the St. John’s Women’s Centre, the Schizophrenia Society NL will offer a 4-week wellness walk program to provide inclusive opportunities to people who may experience barriers to getting outside in nature. Grant funds will go towards fees for a nature facilitator, printed materials, childcare/transportation costs, and healthy snacks.


St. Paul’s Junior High: Snowshoes for Outside Play (Physical Activity)

St. Paul’s Junior High is partnering with local business, Arthur James, to expand a popular lunchtime activity among students and staff. Funds will be used to purchase snowshoes so that more students and staff can engage in this activity.


Town of Paradise: Nordic Pole Walking (Physical Activity)

The Town of Paradise is piloting this program to introduce its citizens to the activity of Nordic pole walking. While beneficial to the larger population, the target group for the pilot is adults and older adults. The town will partner with the Adventurers 50 Plus Club and the Lions Club to promote the activity and engage their members. Funds will be used for instructor fees and the purchase of Nordic walking poles.


Queen Elizabeth Regional High: Words of Wellness (Mental Health Promotion)

The school is creating a Wellness Corner in their library as a mindful space for students. The corner will be equipped with inviting and comfortable seating and lighting and will also house books and resources on wellness. The grant will go towards the purchase of these items. Queen Elizabeth Regional High is partnering with NLESD’s Safe and Caring School Itinerant and will also connect with other schools who have created similar spaces for ideas and guidance.


Alzheimer Society NL: First Steps in Dealing with Dementia (Mental Health Promotion)

This project focuses on increasing awareness of the First Steps in Dealing with Dementia program among persons with dementia and their caregivers by engaging with current and potential community partners across the region. Seniors NL will serve as a promotional partner for the program. Funds will go towards brochures and social media.


Stella Maris Academy: Mindfulness Space in Library Learning Commons (Mental Health Promotion, Health & Literacy)

Stella Maris Academy is creating an area in their new Library Learning Commons to focus on mindfulness and mental health. The area will be available for all K-12 students and staff and will include flexible seating such as bean bag chairs, mats and cushions, books about mindfulness techniques, posters with breathing strategies, and fidget toys to help students relax and calm themselves. The school is partnering with the local library and the 50 plus friendship club.


Frank Roberts Junior High: ATV Safety and Awareness (Injury Prevention)

The goal of this project is to educate and inform students in all areas of ATV safety via a school wide virtual presentation, poster contest, and other educational activities. Partners include the T’railway Council and the Town of Conception Bay South. Grant monies will go towards safety-themed promotional items.


Ordinary Spokes: Bicycle Friendly Built Environment (Healthy (Built) Environments, Injury Prevention, Physical Activity)

Partnering with the A.C. Hunter Library, the goal of this project to is to help create a safe and reliable space for residents to secure their bicycle while visiting the library as there are currently no bike racks available. This creates accessibility issues in that bike users must secure their bikes to stairways and walkways. Creating a supportive environment for bike users may also encourage others to use their bikes as a mode of transportation to the library. Funds will go toward the purchase and installation of a bike rack.


c/o Health Promotion, Eastern  Health
Mount Pearl Square – Community Services
760 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl,  NL  A1N 3J5

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