District School - Back to Basics: ABC’s (Mental Health Promotion; Child and Youth Development)

The ABC program (Attendance, Behavior, Completion) provides an alternative for students struggling with attendance and academic participation in the regular school setting by instilling positive behavior and coping strategies. Grant funding will go towards youth-centered activities and experiences that provide external motivation for the students – especially those who are challenged financially and have had limited positive experiences.


Easter Seals Newfoundland and Labrador – Swimming Program (Physical Activity)

Partnering with the YMCA to deliver this program, Easter Seals will utilize adaptive swimming rings to teach individuals with mobility issues how to swim or to swim more independently. Grants funds will be used to purchase adaptive rings in multiple sizes.


First Light – Rebuilding the Community Trapline (Mental Health Promotion; Physical Activity; Healthy Eating, Injury Prevention)

First Light will partner with Parks Canada and implement a land trip which will include snowshoeing, shelter building and a traditional boil-up. This family-friendly project will include community members of all ages. Elders and traditional knowledge keepers that are familiar with the wilderness will lead the group to an area that can serve as a collective trapline for the community.


Juniper Ridge Intermediate School – Outdoor Club (Physical Activity)

The purpose of this project is to engage more students in physical activity through the introduction of an Outdoor After School Club. Partnering with the local Allied Youth group, the club will focus on snowshoeing and outdoor survival skills, shelter building and exploring. Grant funds will be used to purchase snowshoes.


St. Francis of Assisi School – Wellness Day (Physical Activity, Healthy Eating, Mental Health Promotion, Health and Literacy)

In partnership with the Town of Logy Bay-Middle Cove-Outer Cove and the NL English School District, St Francis of Assisi will hold a wellness day for students, staff, and faculty. Activities include yoga, Zumba, healthy cooking, art and music, a nature walk, and an emotions session. Funds received from this grant will go towards instructor fees and art, music, and cooking supplies.


Town of Portugal Cove-St. Philips – Laugh ‘n’ Learn at the Library (Health and Literacy, Child and Youth Development)

This 7-week program will be offered through the town’s library services to children four years of age as a step towards starting school. Children will learn socialization and independence skills by participating in story-time circles, crafts, and learning activities focused on basic numeracy and literacy. The Town will partner with Beachy Cove Elementary for guidance on school preparation materials. Grant funds will aid with craft supplies, books, printing of learning materials, and healthy snacks.


St. Peter’s Junior High School – Yoga and Stretching Workshop (Physical Activity, Menta Health Promotion, Injury Prevention)

Partnering with a local yoga teacher, St. Peter’s Junior High plans to offer two workshops. The first is with Grade 8 students, as a complimentary activity to curriculum lessons on stress management. The second is with student athletes to create a focus amongst school teams on developing flexibility and injury prevention. Following the workshops, equipment purchased will be made available to other school clubs. Funds will assist with the purchase of yoga mats, foam rollers, and massage balls.


Topsail Elementary School – High Five for Exercise at TES (Physical Activity)

As part of their High Five Exercise Days, Topsail Elementary will be building on their successful Commotion Days whereby they had “painted games” added to their parking lot to enhance outdoor play activities. Funds from the grant will be used to purchase game equipment such as giant dice, playground balls, tic tac toe pieces, and twister.



c/o Health Promotion, Eastern  Health
Mount Pearl Square – Community Services
760 Topsail Road, Mount Pearl,  NL  A1N 3J5

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